About Tablezzo

We all dream of the luxury of escaping everyday life. There is a great longing for a retreat from a world that is turning faster and faster. For a place where we feel comfortable. For many of us, this retreat is the bathroom, comfortably furnished with a bathtub. We are happy to take a book and a gals of wine with you to our relaxation exercise, the soothing full bath. But where do you go with your beloved companions? A shelf is needed! With Tablezzo, the bath tubtable, we are presenting an innovative solution. Taking into account individual wishes and situations, we have designed four different models that have one thing in common: a geometry that has been reduced to a minimum and is based solely on functional and logical aspects. We combined clear lines with gentle contours. The result: Tablezzo, the tubtable. An indispensable accessory when the bathroom becomes a feel-good experience.

eleganter Badewannentisch

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We manufacture tablezzo in Bavaria and obtain our material from suppliers in the region.
The acrylic material we use is extremely light and yet very stable. Thanks to its smooth and pore-free surface, it is also very hygienic. Acrylic cannot rust! Four high-quality suction cups ensure easy attachment and a reliable hold on the bathtub. The straight and puristic design offers the possibility of optimal integration