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just relax

functional and puristic

elegant bath tables

floating elegance

The peculiarity of Tablezzo

Relaxing in the bathtub


The desire for design, comfort and functionality in connection with uncompromising aesthetics was the inspiration for

Tablezzo - a bath table as a practical design object

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What our customers say about us:

"Just great, is practical, beautiful and fits perfectly, I also found the company's request to know what kind of bathtub I have so that the right shelf is delivered."


"I was looking for something that I didn't even know how it should be. Then I found the Tablezzo and immediately knew: That's what I was looking for!"


"The purchased item fully meets our expectations.
The handling was very courteous. Tailor-made production (angle adjustment) was ensured by the company without any intervention. We were pleasantly surprised. "

- Johannes Rieder via Amazon -

"Long searched - finally found.
We say thank you very much for this brilliant idea and the stylish design, for which the friendly saleswoman was happy to provide us with further information.
I will happily recommend the other shelves. "

- Gina Freund via Amazon -

I bought the Tablezzo bathtub shelf - Basic (white) for my wife, really a great product! Elegant design and easy assembly!
Would buy it again! "

- Phillip Graef via Amazon -